Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flip Flops

Amber's flip-flops.


  • So do you just wander about aimlessly during the day waiting on the most random thing to take a picture of? LOL
    Let's see, we've got flipflops, SOMEONE ELSE'S pictures, amber's toes, a freakishly scary nutcracker, a cell phone, thumbtack, the "inards" of a toaster, and my personal favorite..."THE bolt". haha
    All jokes aside, I like all of your pictures and the different tricks you use with your camera. I would just like to know what's going through your head seconds before you decide to take a picture of some of these things. *AMBER WAIT, CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME BOLT...A PIC OF THAT WOULD LOOK FREAKIN' AWESOME RIGHT ABOVE TOMO'S TOE!*

    *DISCLAIMER* not to be taken seriously or offensively...meant for a good laugh : )

    By Anonymous Kelly, at 4:08 PM  

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